Lightning and Severe Weather Information

The last thing we want to do is interrupt your Golf Game

But when it comes to Lightning and Golf Clubs – the two don’t mix particularly well.

We monitor the weather as it happens. In the event of extreme weather, Golfers are responsible for monitoring potential hazardous weather as well. Golfers are encouraged to seek shelter at the first indication of dangerous weather conditions.

In the event of unstable weather or any other event that may cause a suspension in play, our Golf Course Marshals (Rangers) will give notice to “Clear The Course – Immediately.” For your utmost safety there is no other option other than to heed the direction of the Rangers. The methods used can be with an audible siren and/or verbal notification.

You do have options when it comes to waiting out the storm:

  1. You can choose to wait out the storm in the comforts of our clubhouse until the “All Clear” or “All Clear – Proceed with Caution” directive is given by the Superintendent, Golf Professional, and/or the Director of Operations.
  2. Or you may ask for a Rain Check from the Golf Shop Attendant.

The Rain Check amount is based solely on the number of holes you have completed at the point of the weather interruption, and are pro-rated based on the fees you paid.

Rain Checks are handled through the Golf Shop and will not be issued without a receipt, or proof of payment to Candlewood Valley Country Club validated from our Point of Sale System in the Golf Shop. Third Party Prepaid Tee Times (EZLinks,, et. al) carry their own policy and are not monitored or handled through Candlewood Valley Country Club.

Rain Checks will not be issued for the following:

  1. There is a steady rain when you tee off.
  2. You are called to work, or to some other event.
  3. There is an intermittent rain, mist, drizzle, or passing shower.

Please, if you hear thunder or see lightning SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY!


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